Skillet Meals

While walking through the grocery store one day, looking for rice, I stumbled upon Knorr One Skillet Meals. Add a protein, some veggies, the seasoning mix from the packet and voila! Dinner will be ready in no time. Figured I’d give it a shot and let me tell you – is it amazing! The meals are pretty healthy; I’ve tried the southwester chicken brown rice and quinoa starter so far and I love that the seasoning is spot on. Sometimes that’s tricky to accomplish because you don’t know how much to add once everything is in the pan all together. I also tend to add too many veggies, so it’s difficult to tell how much spice to add because you don’t want to ruin it with too much seasoning.

I’ll show you how I made tonight’s dinner! Super easy, still need to chop veggies, but so yummy. Here’s what the packets look like:

I improvised a bit because I had a zucchini that I needed to use, so I swapped that out for the corn. I cut the veggies up and sautéed them for about 10 minutes. I cut my peppers larger than I intended which increases cooking time.

Once those were soft, I removed them from the pan. I should have added more oil before I added the chicken (so much for reading directions), but it all worked out okay in the end. I put about a half cup of gluten free flour, a teaspoon each of salt and pepper in a bag, diced up the chicken and then put it in the bag and shook. That helped me get the chicken evenly coated.

I let the chicken brown (after adding more oil) for about 8 minutes. Then, I added the water and seasoning mix from the packet. Brought it a boil and simmered for about 20 minutes! After that, I added the veggies back in to heat up. Dinner is served! Sidenote: I was able to do all of this while pumping. (Obviously made sure to not contaminate my breast pump with chicken juices!)

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