One Year Ago Today

…we broke ground on our home!

The trees were finally being cleared off of our lot and one year ago and our foundation was poured shortly after!

The moment we saw the trees being cleared, we were so relieved. Little did we know how under the gun we would be with moving into the house before baby Greyson was born, but the process of building our house was certainly one I will never take for granted. We are very fortunate to have been able to build our first home together, despite the stresses that came with it.

Of course it had to snow one more time…

The weather was something completely out of control which delayed the start of our house significantly. Despite the below zero temperatures, the constant rain and then snow, we were able to move into our house just five days before Greyson was born. Talk about stressful! I can’t believe I didn’t go into labor early for the pure fact that we were under so much stress. Here we are, one year later. I’m sitting on my couch, drinking my morning cup of coffee, with Una’s head on my knee. (She always likes to snuggle in the morning.) I’m pumping, yet again, and listening to the baby start to stir. Very thankful for this life we have made together.

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