DIY Farmhouse Table

I was looking for a dining room table long before we moved into our new home. I knew exactly what I wanted. I had everything picked out. I wanted to do a farmhouse table (shocking) with tan colored chairs and a bench. I even had the table runner I would use for special occasions picked out!

When it came time to finally deciding to purchase one and I showed my husband what I wanted…. he hated it. Of course I was annoyed. So here we were back at square one. I found another table I loved and guess what… he hated it again. What’s a girl to do?! This game went on and on. He showed me a table that I didn’t like, etc. We finally decided that we needed to just build one. We thought it would be a really cool story to tell our children and have them know that the table they do their homework at, eat, play games at, was built by their Daddy! I said I would help, but let’s be real here. Me with power tools, in the garage at night ain’t gonna happen.

We scoured the internet for ideas of a table that we could build and then we stumbled upon plans before we finally found a table we both LOVED. How perfect was this!? The table was essentially laid out for us step by step with a grocery list of items to purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot. We couldn’t be more thrilled! There are so many great DIY woodworking plans online. If you are handy, or in my lucky case, know someone who is, go for it! Here is the link that we found that initially caught our eye.

Jeff went to the store to gather all of the materials and he set out on his dining room table endeavor! He did have to buy some new tools, like a Kreg Jig, but if you plan on building more than one item, you’ll definitely want one. Unfortunately, Jeff’s phone imploded, so we lost a ton of pictures of the table being built, but luckily, I still have a few to share:

DIY farmhouse table
DIY farmhouse table

Jeff put a pre-stain on the wood, which I guess you have to do with pine. He read up a lot on how to stain the wood, too. We really liked the color of the stain in the picture, so we decided to go with the same stain. The stain is Varathane Briarsmoke stain. The stain looked SO COOL going on. You can see the grain of the wood pop and everything.

DIY farmhouse table with dark stain

When Jeff put the polyurethane on, he said it actually changed the color of the stain to be more warm, when we were actually looking for a cooler color. He said that he still wants to sand it this summer and re-apply a different poly, but I love the table just the same. He also made the accompanying bench to go with the table you can find here. This is the finished product!

DIY farmhouse table with farmhouse lighting and light colored dining chairs

Chandelier – Wayfair
Chairs – Wayfair
Table Mats – Pottery Barn
Hurricane and Candle – Crate & Barrel

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