My poor baby is sick…

…again! I feel like he was JUST sick. I feel so bad for the little guy. His nose is all stuffy, his eyes are watery, he can’t breathe through his nose. The list goes on!

We’ve been using saline and the snotsucker to clean out his nose. I originally saw the snotsucker in Babies R’Us when I was pregnant and I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. Who would ever use this?? Then, my aunt bought it for me for my baby shower. “Great…what am I going to do with this?” I thought. “It’s so gross. I’ll never use this.” I thought.

Then, when we brought Greyson home from the hospital, he was so filled with gross stuff from living inside of me for nine months that he used to randomly choke and struggle to breathe. Of course, this was not about to fly on my watch, so I needed something other than the bulb syringe. His nostrils were so tiny that I couldn’t fit the bulb syringe in his nose. I busted out my snotsucker and the saline, prepared myself for what I figured would be the grossest thing I had ever done, and sucked.

This is the greatest invention ever. It’s so disgusting, but it gets the job done. You put the end of the tube gently into the tip of the baby’s nose and suck. The mucus that is stuck inside the baby’s nose will go into the tube and NOT into your mouth. There is a foam protector that blocks any snot from entering your mouth. Yum!

I put a few sprays of the saline mist and then use the snotsucker. I like the mist better because I think it is a little gentler on their tiny noses and doesn’t drip down their throat like the regular stuff does. Greyson seems to like it better, too. The saline is also safe for newborns.

Greyson has been struggling to eat this week because he is so congested. He can’t breathe whenever he tries to drink! It breaks my heart. I wasn’t able to take any days off of work this week to be with him unfortunately, so my mom and mother in law were with him. I wasn’t about to have them use the snotsucker on him, so they were using the bulb syringe and while they were able to get some stuff out of him, it wasn’t as effective. The poor guy wouldn’t eat until I came home to clear his poor stuffed up nose. He would eat a little in the morning when he woke up and then eat his solids throughout the day. Thankfully, he had a nice warm bottle of milk just before he went to bed tonight, so that made mama happy.

What do you do for your little one when they have a head cold? Any other tips and tricks I can try? I’m all ears!

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