Greyson’s First Word

I can’t believe it!! “Mama” was Greyson’s first word! My husband and I thought we heard it Wednesday night, but we decided it didn’t count because it could have gone either way.

When I got home from work yesterday, my mom said that Greyson was super close to saying it and that she thought he would say it that night.

I took the dogs on our daily walk and the entire time all I kept hearing was “mmmm,” so I figured we had to be close!

We came inside from the walk, I fed the pups their dinner, and Greyson was just hanging out rolling around on the floor. I got my phone ready because I had a feeling he would say it (or at the very least I’d get another adorable video of him) and wouldn’t you know it! HE SAID MAMA! I got a few different videos on him saying it and I’m so happy! The only unfortunate thing is my husband had a work dinner, so when he normally would have been home, he wasn’t 🙁 I sent him the video, so he could join in my excitement, but I do feel badly that he wasn’t there.

Everyone always told me that “dada” would be the most likely first word, so I was expecting that, but was pleasantly surprised when “mama” came out last night! The video is on our Instagram @homewithgrey if you want to check it out! What was your baby’s first word?! I’d love to know!

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