Greyson 10 Month Update

I can’t believe Greyson is officially 10 months old! I am in disbelief. Greyson is doing something new each day at this point and it’s amazing to see his little personality shining through each day.


Greyson has officially started crawling. He started off rolling everywhere, and was pretty efficient at it, too! After he mastered that, he would sit up and start rocking back and forth with his hands in front of him. He did that for a few weeks before he got enough confidence to reach forward. Once he was able to do that, he started crab crawling. He would use one leg to propel himself forward and the other one would kick behind him. It was pretty cute watching him. In the past week, he has gotten very good at the traditional crawl, down on all fours. I’ve noticed that he crab crawls on the hardwood floors because he doesn’t slide as much and he will do the traditional crawl on the upstairs carpet.

Greyson says “mama, dada, baba, and nana” now. We’re pretty sure nana means Una, one of our dog’s names. He even said Una a few times last week! I think Lola is too hard for him to say at this point, but he’ll get there!

He is pulling himself up to stand, both in his crib and around the house. He loves holding on to my hands and pulling himself up, but he can also do it while holding on to the ottoman or his activity table. He is so proud of himself when stands up! I know he will be cruising any time soon!

My favorite thing that Greyson has learned in the past couple of weeks is kissing. I can ask, “Can I have a kiss?” and he will give a kiss! It’s pretty adorable.

I can’t believe we are only two months away from the one year mark. Time goes by so quickly. We’re looking forward to the next milestones!

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