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Top 3 Companies for Women’s Workout Shorts

Now that I’ve finally gotten back into working out after having Greyson (it only took me 10 months), fitting back into my workout gear has been a huge confidence booster. Surprisingly, I was able to wear my normal clothes most of my pregnancy, up until the last trimester when that little bug decided to pop! Here are my top 3 favorite workout shorts that I am obsessed with. Even though two of these workout shorts are labelled as running shorts, I still use them to do HIIT and weight lifting.

#1: Under Armour

I got the Under Armour Running Shorts off of Amazon years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make the same exact style/design now, but the ones I am linking here and here are almost identical. These workout shorts are super comfy, have enough leg room, and are breathable. I really like the band because it is very flattering. I am wearing a medium in these workout shorts and they are a little big on me, but not so big that I would return them.

#2: Nike

I loved these workout shorts the second I saw them on the rack. The adorable pink color caught my eye and I could not be more pleased with their performance. Normally, I’m not a pink person, but if it’s the right kind of pink, I’m obsessed. They wick sweat away from my skin, so there are no weird sweat marks if I have a heavy duty workout. They also have a drawstring, so I can tie them a bit tighter or I can leave it dangling but tuck it in. I am wearing a size small in these shorts and they fit like a glove. I purchased my pair at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I’ve linked a similar pair here.

running shorts

#3: Lululemon

I love Lululemon Run Times shorts for doing sprints. They don’t chafe (neither of the other ones I listed do either) and they feel weightless. I can’t even tell I’m wearing them! I have these in 4 different colors and I’m always on the hunt for a new pattern. I will say, though, my favorite is plain old black! They do have a zipper in the back, so if you use them to do exercises while laying on your back, it might hurt! I size up in these workout shorts because I find that they run a little small for me and I don’t like my shorts to be super tight.

running shorts

What are your favorite workout shorts? I’m always open to hearing about new shorts to try!

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