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Three Under Eye Beauty Products I am LOVING right now – IT Cosmetics

Greyson has been sleeping terribly the past few nights. If you saw my Instagram stories the other day, you know what I mean! The Nanit camera recorded his wake ups and detected sounds literally every 5-10 minutes 😳

On the bright side, a third bottom tooth is popping through and it appears that a top tooth is attempting to come through, too! My little man is growing up.

The lack of sleep has made my skin look less than ideal and I have such bad under eye bags that I look like a zombie. Each month, I get a Play! by Sephora (thanks to my amazing friend) that has 6 samples of beauty products. This is how I learned about IT Cosmetics. I loveee their under eye cream that came in one of my Play! boxes. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream depuffs, hydrates, smooths, and brightens my tired looking eyes. I put it under my eyes after I clean my face in the morning and my eyes look instantly brighter!

After the under eye cream, I put a little IT Cosmetics Color Correcting Full Coverage CC cream (color Medium) all over my face and rub it in with a foundation brush. It has such great coverage for any blemishes, but I’ve noticed that my summer freckles still come through (as long as I don’t use too much!)

IT Cosmetics Under Eye Concealer

Finally, the absolute best under eye concealer I have ever used in my entire life is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (Color Light Nude). I use the smallest amount and dab it under my eyes in little dots. I like to use a lighter color for the under eye concealer, so that my eyes look bright and awake! I use a beauty blender to blend it in and my eyes look instantly more human! I cannot believe the difference in my eyes with this concealer. It is now one of my beauty staples!

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