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The CUTEST Photobooks and Keepsakes – Photobook Worldwide Review & EXCLUSIVE code for your own free product!

I’m very excited to share my most recent discovery with you! Filling up my phone with pictures of Greyson, my puppies, and everything in between leaves me with a lot of wonderful memories. I’m always looking through my phone, scrolling to find a location, date, or person I want the picture of. Luckily, now I can find all of my most important memories in one place!

Photobook Worldwide, also Photobook America, takes all of the memories on your phone or computer and transforms them into beautiful products. They ship all over the world. Check out their Instagram, too! I am sharing 3 products here with you today! I will also be posting the products on my Instagram stories/highlights you can check out here!

Simple Book

The first product I received is the Simple Book. This fun little hardcover book comes in sizes 6×6, 8×8, and 11×11. I got the 6×6 book and ordered on the app. Search “Photobook Worldwide” on the App Store and you will see a little blue “P.” I have to assume it is the same in the Google Play store! Just pick the pictures you want in your Simple Book, upload them to app, and organize them in the arrangement you want. I uploaded pictures (really quickly, too) from my phone, all from Greyson’s first year of life, to create my own little memory book! You can also add text to the back of the book. I chose to write Greyson’s name. This book would make a great grandparent gift or gift for the holidays! You can order as many copies as you want and give them to friends and family!

I have an exclusive code for you to get your own FREE Simple Book with code GREYPBWW. All you have to pay is shipping! So worth it!

Lil’ Photobook

The next product I am going to share with you is the Lil’ Photobook. You have a choice of making a square photobook (sizes 4×4 or 4×6) or a landscape photobook (sizes 6×4 or 7×5). I made the 4×4 and I am in LOVE. My husband and I built our house last year, so I wanted to put the entire home building process in a memory book for us to look back on and enjoy.

I used their website to create this Photobook because I had so many pictures to upload. The upload process was simple. I selected the pictures that I wanted and clicked “upload.” All of the pictures I selected were uploaded and then all imported into the website. Once I had them on the website, I was able to place the pictures in the order that I wanted them to go in. I started with the pictures when the lot was just dirt, when the framing began, drywall install, fixtures, lighting, etc. 

I love how easy the website was to use and how many options there are to customize the Lil’ Photobook. I could crop pictures, rotate, resize, and adjust them to get the look I wanted. When designing the cover, I put a text box with our address and a picture of the front of our house. I was very impressed with the amount of fonts and color choices available to me in order to get the look I wanted. 

Another thing that I liked about the design process is that when I thought I was finished with my book and clicked next, the website gave me two error messages saying that my text was out of the printable range and to go back and fix it. I like that because I did not know that my text was out of range, so I would messed up the text unknowingly! Thankfully, because of that notification, I was able to go and adjust what I needed in order to make the text fit appropriately on the cover.

Canvas Air

Okay, this product is my favorite. I used the Photobook Worldwide mobile app to upload my pictures and create the most beautiful canvas print of when Greyson was born.

The Canvas Air comes in three different sizes: 8×8, 12×12, and 16×16. I got the 8×8!

Once you choose what size you want, you are able to upload your photos straight from your phone. You can choose to do as few as 1 picture to as many as 4. I chose to upload 4 pictures. Greyson is just too cute to not do 4, ha! There is a little randomizer button that will re-order your chosen pictures into different layouts and positions and you can pick your favorite OR customize your own layout! You can rotate or crop the picture to get the look what you want and then order. Again, super easy to use and I can’t believe the quality of the canvas print! The Canvas Air also comes with mounting directions, so it’s very laid out for you! It was easy to hang and looks so beautiful hanging in Greyson’s room!

Photobook America also has Metal Prints and Wood Prints where you can do the same thing! Our house is a farmhouse style and both of those finishes would look so cute in our house! I can’t wait to try out both!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the products and how easy both the mobile app and website are to use. I love that this company ships worldwide and they have sooo many amazing products to choose from! Don’t forget to check them out here.

Don’t forget to use my exclusive code in order to get your FREE Simple Book! Use code GREYPBWW – good until 9/30/19! Also, see these products up close in my Instagram highlights here!

A big thanks to Photobook Worldwide. Products were received for free in exchange for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. Oh my gosh thank you for the code! I can’t wait to make a simple book! Such a great reminder to document those moments and what a great gift idea too! Thank you for this post mama!

  2. With just the price you paid alone, I’m sold. Then add in the details and the picture, Oh my gosh I need one! it’s so hard finding a good jean jacket at a decent price! Thanks for the info mama!

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