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Why we LOVE pacifiers

I know some people go either way with pacifiers, but over here, we love them and can’t get enough! I posted on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago about when Greyson should be ready to give up his pacifier and many of you said your kids had their pacis up until 2! I don’t know if we will continue that long, but what I do know is Greyson’s pacifier has been a sense of comfort for him, but also provided him with a few health benefits that I didn’t even know until we started using one!

pacifier benefits pacifiers pros

This pacifier that we partnered with Ryan & Rose on is Greyson’s latest favorite! The pacifier and clip were just released on 8/13 in a new color, Heron, and we could not be more in love with it! I got a stage 2 Cutie Pat Round pacifier. We got stage 2 because Greyson has teeth now! (finally.) I love that this pacifier is 100% medical grade silicone and one piece, so there is no way for soap to get stuck inside the nipple or for parts to come off. What I also love about it is this pacifier is a paci/teether in one! The other side of the pacifier has a teether on it to soothe the FIVE teeth that Greyson just cut! He is also able to use the teether to easily put the pacifier back in his mouth. Of course, we detach the clip for naps, but the clip is great when we are out and about and don’t want him throwing his pacifier all over the grocery store. Check out their other awesome colors here!

Okay, back to why we love pacifiers!

The use of pacifiers has been shown to lower the risk of SIDS

As a new mom, I worry constantly. I worry when I’m with the baby, not with the baby, etc. It has become my new normal. One thing that I was terrified about in the beginning of Greyson’s life was SIDS. Of course I read every website (with authority) about precautions to take for SIDS and I found this: according to Family sleeping with a pacifier has been shown to lower the risk of SIDS because supposedly babies sleep lighter when they have a pacifier. So, if they do roll over on to their bellies, they will wake up.

pacifier benefits pacifiers pros

Pacifiers may soothe your fussy baby

Babies are born with a natural instinct to suck. Sucking is soothing for them. Giving Greyson his pacifier when he was fussy, helped him to calm down and soothe himself. We waited to give him the pacifier until he was a good breastfeeder, so that he wouldn’t take the pacifier over milk. For awhile in the beginning, he was unable to hold the pacifier in his mouth himself, so he needed help! He finally got the hang of it after awhile. Now, whenever he gets a little too fussy, he needs his paci for a few minutes and then he’s good! 🙂

When we were sleep training Greyson, I wrote a whole blog post on how we used the pacifier at night to our advantage. When Greyson finally did take his pacifier, he was having trouble at night when it fell out because he was unable to put it back in himself. Luckily, we were able to teach him how to put it back in his mouth himself! Check out that blog post here. I also chat about what pacifier we use at night for Greyson.

Don’t get me wrong, Greyson does not have his pacifier every waking moment. We save it for nap time and bedtime or if he gets too fussy. Hopefully, weaning from the pacifier will go smoothly when we finally decide to attempt it!

pacifier benefits pacifiers pros

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2 thoughts on “Why we LOVE pacifiers

  1. My first daughter LOVED her pacifier and like the peeps on IG, she didnt stop until a little before her second birthday. My second daughter on the other hand, could care less about a paci. I say do whatever helps keep the sanity!

  2. I think my daughter is part rabbit cause she has chomped on everything since birth lol That color is Greyson’s color for sure, he looks so cute!

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