Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Sunday marks my very first Mother’s Day! 🙂 I can’t believe it! The past eight months have flown by and I can’t believe that my little man will be one in just a few short months! My husband and I plan on celebrating by doing a little brunch with the three of us at home on Sunday. I wanted to keep it quiet and low-key, especially because brunch will be around nap time. 🙂

With this being my first Mother’s Day, it will also be my mom and mother in law’s first grand-mother’s day! I thought we could make this day a bit more special by doing something for them from Greyson instead of from us because without them Greyson wouldn’t even be here!

We plan on spending Saturday with Jeff’s grandma, so she can see her great grandson. She recently moved up to Connecticut and met him for the first time a few weeks ago. We really want Greyson to get to know her because we think it is SO COOL that he has a great grandma! We got her a little picture frame that says “Great Grandma” and we plan on putting a picture from the first time they met each other in the frame.

For my mom and mother in law, I got these really cool soy personalized candles from Amazon! I wanted something that they could look at each day and think of Greyson instead of jewelry which my mom and mother in law aren’t too fond of. My mom’s candle is cucumber melon scented and my mother in law’s is rosemary mint. They both smell SO GOOD! I love how I could personalize the label on the top and the side with a message for them and I even got to choose the font! They were very easy to order and they arrived on my door in less than a week! I know that Mother’s Day is Sunday, but if you upgrade shipping hopefully you can snag a candle or two. I think these would also be great for birthdays, graduations, etc because you can customize the label with whatever you want! Can’t wait to give them to my family this weekend!

If you want to order, my Amazon affiliate link is linked in my post! Happy first Mother’s Day to the other new moms out there and I hope you all get to spend this weekend snuggling with your babies and enjoying family time.

How To Help My Baby With Teething – Amber Teething Necklace

Greyson has been teething for what seems like the past 6 months! We have seriously thought his bottom two teeth have been coming in since before he was 3 months old. He has shown all the signs: irritable, drooling, refusing to eat, etc.

He has also been sick for legitimately the past month and when we finally thought he was feeling better, he started pulling on his ears. We took him to the doctor to see if he had an ear infection and the doctor said that his ears were clear and that the symptoms he was exhibiting were that of teething! Finally!

After spending a weekend with family away, Greyson was in rare form. He wouldn’t drink his bottle unless he was in his car seat driving around, nor would he fall asleep unless he was in his car seat.. you guessed it, driving around. We drove around with him for an hour and a half on Saturday night because the poor guy could not settle himself down and we weren’t about to let an infant cry in a hotel room! Our poor neighbors!

Because nothing was appearing to work other than Motrin and for fear of giving him too much too often, I caved and bought him an amber teething necklace. This is our last hope and are praying it offers him some type of relief!

What are some other things we could try? We have all the teethers you could think of, biscuits, teething egg, etc. Send help!!

He does look oh so cute in his necklace though, I must say. 🙂

Greyson’s First Word

I can’t believe it!! “Mama” was Greyson’s first word! My husband and I thought we heard it Wednesday night, but we decided it didn’t count because it could have gone either way.

When I got home from work yesterday, my mom said that Greyson was super close to saying it and that she thought he would say it that night.

I took the dogs on our daily walk and the entire time all I kept hearing was “mmmm,” so I figured we had to be close!

We came inside from the walk, I fed the pups their dinner, and Greyson was just hanging out rolling around on the floor. I got my phone ready because I had a feeling he would say it (or at the very least I’d get another adorable video of him) and wouldn’t you know it! HE SAID MAMA! I got a few different videos on him saying it and I’m so happy! The only unfortunate thing is my husband had a work dinner, so when he normally would have been home, he wasn’t 🙁 I sent him the video, so he could join in my excitement, but I do feel badly that he wasn’t there.

Everyone always told me that “dada” would be the most likely first word, so I was expecting that, but was pleasantly surprised when “mama” came out last night! The video is on our Instagram @homewithgrey if you want to check it out! What was your baby’s first word?! I’d love to know!

My poor baby is sick…

…again! I feel like he was JUST sick. I feel so bad for the little guy. His nose is all stuffy, his eyes are watery, he can’t breathe through his nose. The list goes on!

We’ve been using saline and the snotsucker to clean out his nose. I originally saw the snotsucker in Babies R’Us when I was pregnant and I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. Who would ever use this?? Then, my aunt bought it for me for my baby shower. “Great…what am I going to do with this?” I thought. “It’s so gross. I’ll never use this.” I thought.

Then, when we brought Greyson home from the hospital, he was so filled with gross stuff from living inside of me for nine months that he used to randomly choke and struggle to breathe. Of course, this was not about to fly on my watch, so I needed something other than the bulb syringe. His nostrils were so tiny that I couldn’t fit the bulb syringe in his nose. I busted out my snotsucker and the saline, prepared myself for what I figured would be the grossest thing I had ever done, and sucked.

This is the greatest invention ever. It’s so disgusting, but it gets the job done. You put the end of the tube gently into the tip of the baby’s nose and suck. The mucus that is stuck inside the baby’s nose will go into the tube and NOT into your mouth. There is a foam protector that blocks any snot from entering your mouth. Yum!

I put a few sprays of the saline mist and then use the snotsucker. I like the mist better because I think it is a little gentler on their tiny noses and doesn’t drip down their throat like the regular stuff does. Greyson seems to like it better, too. The saline is also safe for newborns.

Greyson has been struggling to eat this week because he is so congested. He can’t breathe whenever he tries to drink! It breaks my heart. I wasn’t able to take any days off of work this week to be with him unfortunately, so my mom and mother in law were with him. I wasn’t about to have them use the snotsucker on him, so they were using the bulb syringe and while they were able to get some stuff out of him, it wasn’t as effective. The poor guy wouldn’t eat until I came home to clear his poor stuffed up nose. He would eat a little in the morning when he woke up and then eat his solids throughout the day. Thankfully, he had a nice warm bottle of milk just before he went to bed tonight, so that made mama happy.

What do you do for your little one when they have a head cold? Any other tips and tricks I can try? I’m all ears!

**Please be advised that this post contains affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you I will receive a small compensation if you decide to purchase something on your own from a link I suggest. This post is not sponsored and I would not be recommending the product if I did not 100% stand behind the item.

What I realized about baby sleep

Naps and night sleep were ROUGH in the beginning. That is a capital R-O-U-G-H. I felt like every time I put Greyson down for a nap, he was up 15, 20 minutes later. What I finally learned after some time is I can’t control everything. The first few months of a baby’s life are all about eat, sleep, change diaper. There was no predictable schedule, despite how hard I tried, every book I read, and every blog I visited looking for a magic solution.

#1 It’s normal in the beginning: Once I finally realized that inconsistent or short naps were a normal part of a baby’s first few months of life and that I wouldn’t find a quick fix overnight, I began reading up on the different stages of baby sleep. In the beginning, a baby only has one type of sleep – deep sleep. This is like I can vacuum right next to you, the alarm can go off, dogs bark, and you sleep right through it kind of sleep. As babies get a little bit older and began hitting the 4 month mark (sooner or later, there’s always variation), their sleep starts to change. Hence, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. I was DREADING this stage. Sleep was already so difficult for us, with playing the pacifier game all night, soaking through diapers, acid reflux, that I figured it couldn’t get any worse.

After researching some more about the 4 month sleep regression as so many people call it, I learned that this was actually a HUGE developmental milestone in my little one’s life. His sleep was beginning to change from just the deep sleep stage to more like that of an adult, with both light sleep cycles and deep sleep cycles. The only issue with this though is when the baby comes out of a light sleep cycle, they might need some help falling back asleep if they are unable to do so on their own.

#2 The pacifier was my worst nightmare: Cue: looking for the pacifier. Greyson is infatuated with his pacifier. He loves holding on to his little animals and having that paci put back into his mouth. We love how they soothed him, until… he couldn’t find his paci in his bassinet. We were up with every change in his sleep cycle trying to put his paci back in and calm him down, on top of dealing with his horrible reflux. Then, I read up on what to do when the pacifier begins taking over our lives and how we can get rid of the pacifier. And then it hit me. I don’t care if he sleeps with a pacifier. There are all sorts of benefits to him sleeping with one. I only care that I don’t have to get up a million times in the night and put it back in his darn mouth. I thought if I put more pacifiers in his bassinet, he will have a better chance of successfully putting one into his own mouth. So we ordered more of his favorite paci on Amazon (I love this because the pacifier detaches and I can throw the animal in the washer) and put them in the crib.

We practiced having him put his pacifier into his mouth during the day and cheering him on, so he could be successful. If his pacifier fell out of his mouth during naps, we didn’t put it back in. We made it his responsibility to put it back in his mouth because we knew he was able to. Within a few nights, not only was he putting his pacifier back in his own adorable little mouth, but we were sleeping better and so was he.

#3 Is my baby tired enough to nap? Something else that really helped: making sure he was tired enough to nap. I know that sounds silly. After hearing about the amazing Cara Dumaplin from Taking Cara Babies I began reading her blog and seeing what I could do for his naps. I realized, I was putting him down at the first signs of being sleepy. That’s fine for the newborn stage, but now, not so much. I needed to stretch the time he was awake in order to make sure he was tired enough to get some restorative sleep, otherwise, he would just be taking a million cat naps during the day, which would be impractical. I began stretching the time he was awake gradually throughout the day to the recommended wake window for my babe and before you know it, naps CLICKED. He began sleeping for an hour, an hour and a half, TWO HOURS. TWO HOURS?! Are we serious?? Do you know how much cleaning I got done in that time?! Seriously, game changer. I highly recommend following her on Instagram and reading her blog. She offers newborn sleep classes as well as a class for older babies.

#4 Making sure I didn’t run to Greyson every time he woke up: I don’t mean letting him cry it out. That wouldn’t work for my husband and I. If Greyson needed me, I was there for him. If he woke up and fussed a little bit, I let him work it out. Allowing him to figure out a way to get himself back to sleep is now what helps him sleep through the night. When he wakes up now, he’s able to get himself back to sleep. It’s important to make sure that your little one is not waking up because he’s actually hungry, in which give that baby some milk! Greyson stopped wanting milk in the middle of the night by the time he was around 8-10 weeks old. This does NOT mean he was sleeping 10-12 hours straight though, unfortunately. There are still times he soaks through his diaper which then makes him uncomfortable and wake up, so there’s that possibility too!

#5: Make sure the environment is right: The womb is a noisy, cozy place. We swaddled Greyson until he began rolling over, used a sound machine to play white noise, and made sure his room was as dark as possible. If there was the tiniest bit of light creeping in between the window shade and curtain, he could not help but stare at it. We made sure the room was DARK. So dark in fact that I definitely tripped over at least one of the dogs once a week. A friend recommended the Hatch Baby Rest and I’m so glad that put it on our registry. The different sound, light, and program options are amazing and they even offer cool covers for it now, too! When Greyson is a little bit older, there’s a ‘time to rise’ feature which tells him it’s okay to come out of his room for the day when he sees the green light. Can’t wait to use this!

**Please be advised that this post contains affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you I will receive a small compensation if you decide to purchase something on your own from a link I suggest. This post is not sponsored and I would not be recommending the product if I did not 100% stand behind the item.

Monday night was a HUGE night for us – Nanit Plus Camera Review

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Baby Greyson slept in his own room for the first time 😭 I’m not sure who it was a bigger deal for, him or us (obviously us….. okay, me) but he did great. We recently upgraded our baby camera to the Nanit Plus, so we are able to connect to his camera even at work! It runs over the Wifi and I know there have been some concerns in recent years with baby cameras that connect to Wifi, but we absolutely love the Nanit and have had no issues with it.


Nanit Plus Wall Mount Wifi Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus Wall Mount Wifi Baby Monitor

Wall Mount vs Wall Mount: You can choose to buy a wall mount camera or one with a floor mount. We got a wall mount camera because it’s cheaper and I like the look of it better. I read somewhere that if you are thinking of buying a floor mount, you should decide when you are first purchasing the camera because you can’t buy a floor mount separately later if you decide that you want one. I can see the floor mount being very useful if you are planning to travel with your camera frequently.

Nanit App and Notifications: Once you set up the camera, you need to download the Nanit app. With the app, you are able to use the camera as you would any other baby monitor; however, the unique things about the camera that sets it apart from the traditional baby monitor is that it tracks a baby’s sleep through a program called Nanit Insights. Nanit Insights will provide you with a night and day summary of your little one’s sleep. It also records when there is sound detected, motion detected, and if a caregiver is helping the baby. You are able to replay these notifications and see what your baby was doing in that moment. A really cool feature is you are able to see a time lapse of your baby falling asleep. At first, I thought there was something wrong with the sleep analytics because it wasn’t notifying me when Greyson woke up or if he made noise, but then I realized it is tracking that information, but seeing if the baby falls back asleep first before it notifies you. The noise that it detects also has to be significant, so it won’t notify you of every coo, but you will be able to hear your baby like you would on a traditional monitor.

Nanit Insights App Sound and Movement Notifications

Nanit Insights: The Nanit will let you know how long the baby has been asleep for and awake for too, so if you forget, it’s all right there in the app! Nanit Plus gives a one year subscription for Nanit Insights (the sleep analytics) with the purchase of their camera. Currently, the basic Nanit Insights plan keeps your data for a week, but there are options to upgrade to keep the data for a month or even an unlimited amount of time. I haven’t found myself needing to look back past a week to see sleep trends (yet), but I can see it being more valuable in the beginning of a baby’s life if they are already sleeping in their crib and you are trying to figure out sleep patterns. We didn’t start using it until after Greyson was six months old because he was still sleeping in our room, so we didn’t need a fancy camera. We had a traditional two way baby monitor, but it got the job done. We upgraded the Nanit camera for the awesome sleep features. The Nanit app has a dashboard which looks like this:

Nanit Dashboard

Nanit Dashboard

Nanit Activity

Nanit Activity

I thought there might be an issue with multiple users being logged in to the app all at the same time, but there aren’t! I am able to view the camera from work, as is my husband, at the same time my mom or mother in law is viewing it at home! Depending on the Nanit Insights subscription plan you have, you can add more users that have their own account, so for example, multiple babysitters.

Sleep Efficiency and Sleep Tips: I love the sleep analytics because they tell you how long the baby was awake, asleep, their sleep efficiency, etc. I know it all sounds a little silly, but once your baby is not sleeping through the night and you don’t know why, you’ll want this camera. Each night, it gives you a time lapse of the night before and what happened when. It was cool to see what Greyson did each night and how he was able to self soothe back to sleep.

Each Monday, Nanit will send you sleep tips and recommendations based on the data for the past week. The sleep tips are backed by scientific research and sleep studies of babies the same age as your little one and they link their sources! The sleep tips are sent in an email or the app if you have it enabled. By this point, Greyson is not triggering a tip because he is sleeping well (FINALLY), but early on we would receive tips such as making sure his sleeping environment is optimal, giving him time to self soothe, etc. Nanit will also send you age related tips and what to do about them such as teething, baby illness, etc.

Nanit Insights Sleep Tips
Weekly Sleep Tips

Nanit Breathing Wear: Nanit is supposed to come out with Nanit Breathing Wear in the spring, which is a special swaddle or band that you can put on the baby that has a unique pattern the camera reads and can track the baby’s breathing. I really like the breathing wear because it is merely just a band or swaddle that you can place on a baby’s PJs instead of something that you connect to the baby’s foot or belly. Much safer in my opinion! My husband and I love this camera and can’t wait to use this for the next babies!

My favorite things about the Nanit Plus are:

  • Nanit Insights – sleep analytics program
  • ease of install (to be fair, my husband installed it, but it was super quick)
  • being able to see G when I am at work and I miss snuggling him
  • sleep patterns and trends
  • notifications that sync with Apple Watch, so if my phone is in a different room, I’ll still get notified if Greyson moves or makes a sound

My not so favorite things about the Nanit Plus are:

  • the plug to plug into the wall is rather large, so it’s difficult to get the crib flush against the wall – you need to get the crib close to the wall to make sure that the Nanit can see the whole crib and give proper sleep analytics
  • price – at just under $300, it’s definitely a splurge, but you can use it all of your babies!

In combination with the Nanit Plus camera and my other blog post on improving my baby’s sleep, Greyson is FINALLY sleeping through the night. If he wakes up, he is self-soothing and that’s all a tired mama can ask for.

Nighttime Diapers – Best Diapers for Nighttime Diaper Leaks

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Update: June 26, 2019

We tried using Target brand overnight diapers and they are AMAZING. We have been using them for over a month now and have only had two small leaks in the morning! Greyson has upped his nighttime bottle to between 7-9 oz now and the Target overnight diaper, size 5, holds in the liquid just fine! We are still using Pampers Swaddlers Overnights as our top layer, just to be safe. 😉

Original Post:

Our arch nemesis… the nighttime diaper. We have been dealing with nighttime diaper leaks that wake up poor baby Grey and obviously us, too. The poor thing needs to have everything on him changed in the middle of the night, disrupting his sleep and what little sleep we are getting to begin with! I feel like we have tried EVERYTHING. Every nighttime diaper, diaper liner, etc, and nothing has been working. Recently, I decided to double up his diaper at night in hopes that it would contain any extra leaks. He is already in a size 4 at just under seven months old, but now I am having to put a size 5 Pampers Swaddlers Overnights diaper on him as well!

Luckily, doubling up his diaper has been working for the past five nights or so, with no leaks, but I am wondering.. what are other moms using for nighttime diapers? We have tried: Huggies Overnights, Honest Company Overnights, Huggies Little Movers, Pampers Baby Dry (the next size up) and now Pampers Swaddlers Overnights size 5 on top of a Pampers Baby Dry size 4.

I really like Pampers Swaddlers Overnights because they are super soft, stretch around his legs really well, so they provide a great fit, and go up his back enough to catch more pee!

Here is our ranking for diapers from what worked best for us to what didn’t work:

  1. (so far) Pampers Swaddlers Overnights
  2. Pampers Baby Dry
  3. Honest Company Overnights
  4. Huggies Little Movers
  5. Huggies Overnights

I LOVED Huggies Little Snugglers in the beginning when Greyson was first born because I thought they fit him really well and we didn’t have any leaks. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed when the overnights were such a letdown! If you have any other recommendations, let me know! I’m all ears!

nighttime diapers
I love how they wrap around his legs – great fit!