Coterie Diapers – A Company That Gives Back

Okay, so I’m all about the latest baby essentials. I feel like there are so many great brands out there to try and I get excited each time I discover a new company. When Coterie reached out and asked if they could send me some samples, I couldn’t wait! We are always looking to try out new diapers, and when companies have an amazing mission, like Coterie, I get even more excited!

What I LOVE about Coterie diapers most of all is that they not only help to give back to those in need, but they have also partnered with NativeEnergy to fund renewable energy programs. Every diaper has an environmental impact, so thinking about the future of our world is of the utmost importance. Coterie also gives back to the community. They partnered with Baby2Baby to take any unused diapers you have and donate them to families in need! What a fantastic idea!

Now, the quality of the diaper. The first thing I noticed when I opened our package was how incredibly soft these diapers are. They are by far the softest diaper I have touched to date. I love that they are so soft because some diapers are pretty scratchy to the touch. Greyson also has sensitive skin, so when I put certain diapers on him, he gets little red marks on his skin, which I don’t like. These diapers have are hypoallergenic and free of all the bad stuff like phthlates, latex, chlorine, etc, so I’m a happy mama!

coterie diapers
coterie diapers

Greyson drinks a LOT of milk before nap time and bedtime. We had a ton of issues early on with diaper leaks and blowouts and it was just terrible! Coterie’s diapers have kept Greyson nice and dry, so they are definitely absorbent. They fit nicely around his legs and give him enough coverage in the rear to prevent blowouts 🙂

Something that is super cute about Coterie is the diapers came with a little black and white sticker sheet. You can use the stickers to decorate the front and let babe be creative!

Thanks Coterie for the diapers!