Back to School College Dorm Room Essentials

I graduated from college in 2011 and a lot has changed since then, but not what the average kid needs for their dorm! Every time I walk through Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target, they have the cutest prints and patterns for dorm rooms. Not only is everything adorable, but it can be very overwhelming deciding what you truly need, what would be nice to have, and what you don’t really need at all. Back to school shopping is one of my favorite things to do, even though I love being home with my little guy. I am narrowing down your college dorm shopping list to these TEN dorm room essentials. These dorm room ideas are the only things you NEED.

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#1: Comforter and 2 Sets of Bed Sheets

Having a comforter is a dorm room essential and makes your room feel nice and cozy like home. Also, having a comforter gives you an extra layer in case your room is too cold. You can also take off the comforter if you get too hot, but it’s nice to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it!

Having an extra set of bed sheets allows you to change your bed sheets and not have to do laundry right away. Also, if you’re sick and not feeling well, it’s nice to have a spare set of sheets 😉 Make sure you buy Twin XL in both a comforter and sheets!

#2: Portable Fan

Some dorms are hot, some are cold. Some roommates play with the thermostat all night (that was me!) so it’s nice to have a portable fan in case you get too hot!

#3: Mattress Pad

College dorm beds have a firm side and a soft side. They can still feel like you are sleeping on a brick, so buying a mattress pad not only puts a barrier in between the bed a hundred other people used, but also gives you a bit extra cushion in case you like your bed a little softer like me. They make so many different pads nowadays that make your bed extra cozy!

#4: Shower Flip Flops

No one wants athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. Buy these cheap Old Navy rubber flip flops to wear in the shower and protect your feet, please!

#5: Shower Caddy

Organizing your bathroom stuff in a shower caddy lets you grab your stuff and shower without having to schlep everything to the bathroom.

#6: Backpack style laundry bag

I did laundry about once a week when I was in college, but the laundry room was never on my floor! Having a backpack style laundry bag allowed me to throw all of my dirty (or clean!) clothes on my back and carry my detergent down to the laundry room with me!

#7: Storage

Having a good amount of storage in college is vital because you will accumulate stuff. Under bed storage and closet storage is a must! That closet hanging storage is on mega sale right now!

#8: Backpack or Purse

I used a purse when I was in college (this was my FAVORITE), but a backpack is pretty standard!

#9: Two Bath Towels

Kind of like having two pairs of bed sheets, having two bath towels is a college dorm room essential because your towels will get dirty and if you are behind on laundry, it would suck to shower and dry yourself off with a dirty towel!

#10: Mini-Fridge

Some might view this as a luxury, but where else will you keep your leftovers! I loved keeping some groceries and water in my mini-fridge and I still use it to this day. Money went spell!

What are some of the college dorm room essentials you find yourself needing?

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