favorite places to shop home decor

My Favorite Places to Shop for Home Decor

My husband and I built our house last year and moved in in August, five days before Greyson was born. Many of you already know that crazy story! Since then, I have spent the past year furnishing our home with items we love and that fit our style.

We are going for the modern farmhouse, cozy look. Many of the items we have found for our home were items that we searched for for months and months because we didn’t want to buy something unless we were completely in love with it. These are the stores we have had the most luck with in the past year that have beautiful home furnishings – we also got many items from the bigger stores on sale! I always love a good deal.

#1: HomeGoods & TJ Maxx

HomeGoods and TJ Maxx are partner companies, so it should come as no surprise that they carry very similar home decor items. TJ Maxx is more clothing based, but they do have a small home section.

We purchased a lot of our kitchen knick knacks from HomeGoods, mainly Calphalon pots and pans. They are much cheaper and I found some pots that have a built in strainer, so that was a bonus! You do need to shop in store at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx.

If you watched my Instagram stories recently, you saw I am on the hunt for chunky rope baskets. I found one originally at HomeGoods last year and bought it for Greyson’s nursery, but I have yet to see the style I want since. In the meantime, we are just storing all of Greyson’s toys in the cubbies in his playroom. Like I said, I’ll wait months before I purchase something just to make sure it is exactly what we want!

We have purchased almost all of our baskets from HomeGoods, as we did a little Konmari method cleaning this past year as well. We have baskets ranging in size from small to large, styles ranging from wood to metal, and they are all beautiful and inexpensive!

We also picked up a beautiful Kate Spade comforter, bathroom decor, and bath towels from HomeGoods!

I found all of the metal baskets and faux plant from HomeGoods. Check out my laundry room makeover! I love it!

favorite places to shop home decor

#2: Target

Target is our go to for more than just home furnishings, but they have a wonderful selection of home decor items as well! We got our bed sheets, bedroom curtains and curtain rods, and kitchen stools from Target, as well as some other little toiletries and knick knacks. We got most of these items on sale as I purchased them online and waited for them to have 25% off home furnishings!

#3: Wayfair

Wayfair’s website is so big that you can literally get lost for hours in all of their pages of home decor. We purchased the majority of our furniture, aside from our living room sectional, from Wayfair. We purchased our bedroom furniture, headboard, foyer clock, baby nursery furniture (check out my nursery post here), dining room chairs, and living room chair from Wayfair. Their customer service is awesome and their items are usually always on sale!

#4: Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is one of my favorite items to window shop. They have beautiful holiday decor and items that just make the home feel cozy. We purchased our throw pillow covers, both seasonal and every day, as well as serving ware for entertaining. All of our dishes and platters came from Pottery Barn as well! They usually have 20% off your order with free shipping, so make sure you wait for a sale! These are my favorite items from Pottery Barn: dishes, platter, flatware

#5: Crate and Barrel

I love Crate and Barrel for drinkware. We purchased all of our drinking glasses and stemware from Crate and Barrel online and on sale! Everything was shipped in beautiful packaging and nothing was damaged!

We are still furnishing our home with items as we see a need, but I love it so much that I don’t mind it! Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

favorite places to shop home decor

Check out my post on our farmhouse bathroom decor here and my post on our DIY farmhouse table here! Enjoy!

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nautical theme baby nursery

Nautical Themed Nursery

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If you know me, you know that I LOVE anything nautical. Whales, sailboats, anchors, monkey fist knots, you name it, I love it. Naturally, I wanted my baby’s room to be a nautical baby nursery as well. Considering how we moved into our brand new house five days before Greyson was born, I did not get to decorate it right away as I originally intended. His baby furniture was delivered five days before he was! While I was giving birth to Greyson in the hospital, my mom was accepting the delivery from Wayfair at our house! Needless to say, the first month of us living in the house was chaotic. We are still moving in!

I was finally able to tie in my favorite decor style with Greyson’s room and here is the final result! All of his large furniture pieces are from Wayfair. We LOVE the large selection of items they have. His crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib, so it grows along with him. We just need to buy the pieces to convert to a toddler bed and big boy bed in the future. Now I have my nautical themed baby nursery like I’ve always dreamed!

nautical baby nursery

Crib Sheets
Blackout Shade
HD Baby Monitor: check out my review on the Nanit camera here!
Noise/Nightlight: Hatch Baby Rest
Puppy Basket
Grey/white basket: HomeGoods
Changing Table Cover: Target (on clearance – can’t find a similar one)

nautical baby nursery

Changing Table Topper
Lamp – Raymour & Flanigan
Diaper Genie
Growth Ruler (similar)
Laundry Basket – similar basket from Target, too

nautical baby nursery
nautical baby nursery

Letters to My Baby – sweet book where you can write letters to your baby and give them when they are older!
Home Pillowcover
Whale Frame – Joann Fabric

Some tips I used when designing my nautical baby nursery:

  • Go easy on the blue: So many nurseries look SO pink or SO blue. I did not want our nursery to have this aesthetic to it, so I made sure to go light on the blue, with still keeping a nautical theme.
  • Decorate with the same animal: Decorating with the same animal helps with consistency, so your theme is obvious right away. I really love whales. Luckily, I found our changing table cover from Target on clearance, so I was able to match Greyson’s crib sheets from Pottery Barn Kids with a similar print. I also purchased a whale picture frame from Joann Fabric. My cousin got me a whale themed baby shower guest book which doubles as art for the nursery. You can see it on the bookshelf. I was able to mix in different nautical stuffed animals like an octopus, a hermit crab, etc to decorate the crib before Greyson was sleeping in there. I wanted to make sure my nautical theme nursery was consistent throughout the whole room before I added in a few extra animals.
  • Less is more: I wanted the nautical decor to be tasteful and simple. I didn’t want it to overwhelm his room. Keeping the decor to a minimum and making sure the space was functional was most important when I designed this nursery.

I hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse into my nautical themed baby nursery. All of the furniture we purchased for his room was purchased at great prices (Wayfair always has stuff on sale.) What did you decorate your first born’s nursery with? I’d love to hear!


DIY Farmhouse Table

I was looking for a dining room table long before we moved into our new home. I knew exactly what I wanted. I had everything picked out. I wanted to do a farmhouse table (shocking) with tan colored chairs and a bench. I even had the table runner I would use for special occasions picked out!

When it came time to finally deciding to purchase one and I showed my husband what I wanted…. he hated it. Of course I was annoyed. So here we were back at square one. I found another table I loved and guess what… he hated it again. What’s a girl to do?! This game went on and on. He showed me a table that I didn’t like, etc. We finally decided that we needed to just build one. We thought it would be a really cool story to tell our children and have them know that the table they do their homework at, eat, play games at, was built by their Daddy! I said I would help, but let’s be real here. Me with power tools, in the garage at night ain’t gonna happen.

We scoured the internet for ideas of a table that we could build and then we stumbled upon plans before we finally found a table we both LOVED. How perfect was this!? The table was essentially laid out for us step by step with a grocery list of items to purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot. We couldn’t be more thrilled! There are so many great DIY woodworking plans online. If you are handy, or in my lucky case, know someone who is, go for it! Here is the link that we found that initially caught our eye.

Jeff went to the store to gather all of the materials and he set out on his dining room table endeavor! He did have to buy some new tools, like a Kreg Jig, but if you plan on building more than one item, you’ll definitely want one. Unfortunately, Jeff’s phone imploded, so we lost a ton of pictures of the table being built, but luckily, I still have a few to share:

DIY farmhouse table
DIY farmhouse table

Jeff put a pre-stain on the wood, which I guess you have to do with pine. He read up a lot on how to stain the wood, too. We really liked the color of the stain in the picture, so we decided to go with the same stain. The stain is Varathane Briarsmoke stain. The stain looked SO COOL going on. You can see the grain of the wood pop and everything.

DIY farmhouse table with dark stain

When Jeff put the polyurethane on, he said it actually changed the color of the stain to be more warm, when we were actually looking for a cooler color. He said that he still wants to sand it this summer and re-apply a different poly, but I love the table just the same. He also made the accompanying bench to go with the table you can find here. This is the finished product!

DIY farmhouse table with farmhouse lighting and light colored dining chairs

Chandelier – Wayfair
Chairs – Wayfair
Table Mats – Pottery Barn
Hurricane and Candle – Crate & Barrel

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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

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Our powder room was a blank slate when we first moved in. No mirror, no towel rack, nothing! When thinking about the style we wanted for our house, we thought a modern farmhouse style would suit us perfectly. We like things that are simple, practical, and that won’t totally break the bank. It took me a few months to find everything that I wanted to include for our farmhouse bathroom to give it the look we were going for, but in the end, I think it was worth it!

I wanted to do a mirror that had a little shine to it. I found the perfect one at Lowe’s one afternoon while I was there for the 10th time that week. (When you build a home, you don’t realize how many times you will end up at a hardware store, supply store, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc, so we made frequent trips.) We ended up getting two more of the same mirror for the master bath, but in a different color. I wanted a mix of items that were neutral in color, were somewhat functional, and obviously items that were easy to clean.

We ordered the shelves from Wayfair. You can buy these shelves in various sizes and stain colors. We ordered the shelves in a dark walnut stain, size 16″ x 5.5″.

I’m not a huge fan of the vanity lights that we have in the powder room. We needed something that would ship quickly, had a clean look to them, and were relatively inexpensive. You would be surprised how expensive it is to put lights in a whole house! We ended up ordering 4 sets on Amazon because they had matching towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc, but the other components didn’t have the mounting hardware that they were supposed to! Thankfully, after some bargaining, Amazon refunded us. The lights don’t entirely have the look I’m going for and they don’t feel very well made, but they get the job done. Ideally, I would like to replace these in the future, but our list of to-dos is too long right now to think of that!

We also purchased a towel ring and toilet paper holder made by Moen from Amazon. I really like them and they are super sturdy. We got 4 sets of these guys, too.

Here are the links for our toilet paper holder and towel ring, but they’re not as exciting! Also, the decorative soap holder is from Mudpie, but I can’t find it online anywhere! I originally bought it at The Paper Store some years ago. I love our farmhouse bathroom and I can’t wait to do the rest of the house in a similar style. Our dining room has a farmhouse table that my husband built to continue our theme throughout our downstairs. Check it out here!

Home Sweet Home

My husband, Jeff and I, spent the better part of last year building our home on our dream street. Quiet neighborhood, cul-de-sac, kids all around, you name it! We have spent the last seven months adjusting to being homeowners, as well as raising our son. We closed on the house just eleven days before he was born and moved in five days before! If anyone reading this has ever built a house, you know the process is not only stressful, but once you finally move in you have more project than you ever imagined! Things you would never have even thought of, like the toilet paper holders in the bathroom, or mirrors. It has certainly been a busy seven months, but getting to decorate our home is something I look forward to for every holiday and every season.

Ten weeks pregnant standing at the site of our future home! Little did we know how much work would follow…