affordable cheap soft jean jacket

The Best Jean Jacket EVER

Okay, so the other day I posted 7 Affordable Summer to Fall Transition Outfits and this jean packet made an appearance in a few of my pictures. I also got so many of you who absolutely LOVED it, so I thought I would share a little bit more about the best jean jacket ever!

affordable cheap soft jean jacket

So for starters, I got this jean jacket on mega sale. Like 60% of sale! It retails for $110, but I got it for under $50! JCrew was having a 50% off sale at the time I bought it and then I used an additional 15% off! When I read the reviews, many of them said that jean jacket ran small and to size up. I did and got a medium, but my goodness was it tight in the shoulders! It fit very nicely everywhere else, but I had to exchange it for a large. I was also afraid that if I washed it, it would shrink, so I wanted to make sure I would be able to layer with it.

The large fits perfectly! So if you plan on purchasing this jean jacket, take my advice, and size up at least one size, if not two. This jacket is so soft and seriously goes with everything. I love the color, not too dark, not too light, and it can be worn day or night! I also think depending on the outfit you wear, you can either style this jean jacket up or down.

I also love rolling up the cuffs instead of keeping them buttoned. Rolling the cuffs makes such a cute look! Enjoy!

affordable cheap soft jean jacket

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

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Our powder room was a blank slate when we first moved in. No mirror, no towel rack, nothing! When thinking about the style we wanted for our house, we thought a modern farmhouse style would suit us perfectly. We like things that are simple, practical, and that won’t totally break the bank. It took me a few months to find everything that I wanted to include for our farmhouse bathroom to give it the look we were going for, but in the end, I think it was worth it!

I wanted to do a mirror that had a little shine to it. I found the perfect one at Lowe’s one afternoon while I was there for the 10th time that week. (When you build a home, you don’t realize how many times you will end up at a hardware store, supply store, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc, so we made frequent trips.) We ended up getting two more of the same mirror for the master bath, but in a different color. I wanted a mix of items that were neutral in color, were somewhat functional, and obviously items that were easy to clean.

We ordered the shelves from Wayfair. You can buy these shelves in various sizes and stain colors. We ordered the shelves in a dark walnut stain, size 16″ x 5.5″.

I’m not a huge fan of the vanity lights that we have in the powder room. We needed something that would ship quickly, had a clean look to them, and were relatively inexpensive. You would be surprised how expensive it is to put lights in a whole house! We ended up ordering 4 sets on Amazon because they had matching towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc, but the other components didn’t have the mounting hardware that they were supposed to! Thankfully, after some bargaining, Amazon refunded us. The lights don’t entirely have the look I’m going for and they don’t feel very well made, but they get the job done. Ideally, I would like to replace these in the future, but our list of to-dos is too long right now to think of that!

We also purchased a towel ring and toilet paper holder made by Moen from Amazon. I really like them and they are super sturdy. We got 4 sets of these guys, too.

Here are the links for our toilet paper holder and towel ring, but they’re not as exciting! Also, the decorative soap holder is from Mudpie, but I can’t find it online anywhere! I originally bought it at The Paper Store some years ago. I love our farmhouse bathroom and I can’t wait to do the rest of the house in a similar style. Our dining room has a farmhouse table that my husband built to continue our theme throughout our downstairs. Check it out here!